Cleaning and polishing
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Cleaning and polishing

6-month regular check-ups and cleaning are a must for healthy gums and a well-integrated oral cavity. The procedure is done with the help of ultrasonic instruments and is non-abrasive without any harm to the enamel while removing plaque, stains, and tartar.

Oral prophylaxis means tooth cleaning by your dentist and is a mandatory dental procedure to be done every 6 months. It is highly recommended for those patients who have extrinsic stains due to smoking tobacco, betel nut chewing, etc. Who have tartar accumulation due to unwanted food particles which leads to bad breath - a common complaint of a patient and in cases of bleeding gums and infections.


The procedure usually requires only one office visit. But two or three sessions can be required varying from case to case. The dentist will use an ultrasonic cleaning tip in all the areas where the toothbrush can't reach. The vibration makes the tartar and stains loosen off from the teeth and gums. Polishing is done to get a sparkle in your teeth after cleaning is done.

Post-Treatment Care

After cleaning of teeth:-

- Avoid any food/drinks that would leave a stain on teeth.

- No smoking.

- Use sensitive toothpaste for a few days if you experience sensitivity due to the procedure.