Tooth extractions
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Tooth extractions

The teeth that are absolutely decayed need to be removed (extracted) as long-standing infections in such teeth would cause damage to the developing permanent teeth. Removal of the teeth is usually a last resort. Sometimes milk teeth may have to be removed to make space for erupting permanent teeth. Removal of teeth in children does not cause any harm to the eye-sight or brain.

Please exercise certain rules like not discussing the scheduled procedure in front of the child. Child should have sufficient food before the appointment as he/she may not be able to eat immediately following the procedure. Tooth will be made numb with a local anesthetic injection so that child does not feel any pain during removal. We take great care not to show any offensive instruments, injection syringe-needle, blood-soaked cotton to the child.

Post-operative instructions:

After the procedure your child will be asked to hold cotton between teeth for 15-20 minutes. He/she should not spit or touch the area. Ice can be applied on the cheek. After 30 minutes ice-cream or cold milk may be given followed by pain medication prescribed by us. It may take almost 2 hours for the numbness to wear off. Till then your child may consume liquids. Eating foods that require much chewing should be avoided. A soft food diet may be recommended. Monitor your child closely so that he/she does not bite their tongue, cheeks or lips. You may have to give only soft, room temperature food for the entire day. Brushing may have to be avoided on this day.